Coheed and Cambria



Though adopting their name officially in 2000, Coheed & Cambria have existed for years- about six, depending on your math. Originally formed as a trio by Claudio Sanchez (vocals, guitar) in 1995, the band (then known as Shabutie) began crafting music as odd and unexplainable as their name. Their initial blend of bouncy, sing-along pop juxtaposed with tempo-shifting elements of prog-metal made a succinct impression on early audiences.

Shabutie's unique musical blend was by no means easily swallowed by all. The budding punk and hardcore scene that dominated upstate New York was unsure of what to make of a band whose performances borderline on the theatrical. However, the band played on, finding their own niche through a word of mouth following, earned through dozens of lo-fi demos and shows in any makeshift venue they could find.

Through this time the band incurred several line-up changes. Their original bassist was replaced by Mic Todd, a long time fan, who's addition brought a fuller depth to the band's sound. In an effort to flesh out the band's intricate guitar parts, Claudio invited childhood friend and long time collaborator, Travis Stever, into the fold. Finally, as the band parted ways with their long standing drummer, Josh Eppard, another local music vet, brought a fresh feeling to the complex rhythms typical of the band. However, it was obvious to all involved that much more had changed than the lineup. The refreshed lineup developed a sound far removed from the band's origins. Gone were the days of the quirky, genre-bending pop epics. What would follow were a series of songs that would encompass all that their previous efforts had merely hinted at-as well as showcase a few new tricks.

So in early 2000, the band entered the studio to record their most ambitious project to date- A series of ten songs that provide a soundtrack of sorts to an ongoing saga created by Claudio. This saga, The Bag- On line Adventures, leads its primary characters, Coheed & Cambria through a science fiction tale of heartbreak and redemption. As the story will have an ongoing presence in the band's future, it was only fitting that their name itself be a representation of this saga-and so the band traded in their former guise for that of Coheed & Cambria.

At about this time, some folks at Equal Vision Records had heard a demo of these recordings. Over the span of several months, both parties continued to cross paths, and in September 2001, EVR welcomed Coheed & Cambria to their roster. Slated for release in early 2002 and out on Defiance Records in Europe in April 2002, The Second Stage Turbine Blade acts as a proper introduction to the world of Coheed & Cambria (both the band and these characters). But fear not young hardcore fan, this ain't your daddy's concept album. The story is just the half of it. Within this record lie ten relentless tracks that tug at each individual heartstring. The interplay of sparse guitars, driving rhythms, and lush tones provide an excellent accompaniment to the sing along anthems of Coheed & Cambria. In a time where emotion is merely a musical catch phrase, this album may restore your faith in melodic rock.

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