andreas: vocals
timo: guitar
jochen: guitar
maurice: drums
roland: bass


jochen becker
franzstr. 55
50935 köln
fon: 0177 6489471


In the simplest of terms, Engrave in a hardcore band: five guys from Aachen, Germany who play loud aggressive music. But this is a band who does not hide behind simple labels. For almost five years now this ensemble has been writing and performing expressions of their humanity with nothing but sincerity. Social commentary, political criticism, accounts of love and personal fears are all touched upon in the lyrics of singer, Andreas. In the studio and on the stage Maurice on drums, Jochen and Timo with guitars in hand and Roland on bass perform with a passion to match the incindiary words.

In November of 1996, Maurice, Jochen and Andreas, having known one another through school, were brought together by their common appreciation of hardcore and punk and their desire to make music. The predecessor to Engrave, Appeal To Reason, was then formed. Soon they were playing shows around their hometown and recorded for a demotape that sold about a hundred copies.

At the beginning of 1998 the band decided they needed a second guitar player and found a more than appropriate one in Norman, who had played in Loxiran from Hamburg before he moved to Aachen. Norman had an enormous influence on the music and helped to shape the songwriting. Sometime later, their bass player at that time, Erik, decided to leave the band and Roland was asked to join. As the shape, face and sound of the band changed, the name was also changed. For a short while they were known as Buried Every Hero, but desiring a more appropriate and easier to remember name, the band became Engrave.

At the end of 1998 seven new songs were recorded, but the band met difficulty in finding a label they could trust with the production and distribution of their music. Finally a worthy label was found in Cologne, Germany and a lasting partnership was formed between Engrave and Defiance Records. Five of the seven recorded songs were put down on vinyl as the band released their first 7". With the 7” under their belts Engrave found themselves playing more and more shows. In the summer of 1999 the band embarked on their first short tour, half of which was with Shai Hulud, that led them through Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Despite the fact that they were touring as a four piece, as Norman had left the band prior to the tour, it was a success. The boys then recorded another seven songs half of which appeared on a split 10”/ CD with the Italian band To Die For, whom they had met on tour. The remaining songs were to be released on another split, this time on a 7” with friends, Yage.

After Norman had left, Engrave found themselves again looking for a second guitar player. Joong Sun of Reno Kid fame then joined the band but left Engrave after a short year due to personal reasons. During that year three successful tours took the boys throughout Europe, playing in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, England, Denmark and Sweden. Always ready to collaborate with friends, two songs recorded with Joong Sun were released on a split 7” with the Spanish band and Defiance labelmates, Standstill.

Continuing as a four piece Engrave began to write songs for a full length record but things began to slow down for the band. Maurice had left for France for 6 monthes to study and so in 2002 the band agreed to take a half year break. During this time it was decided that once again a second guitar player was needed and so they asked Timo, who they had known from shows. With this new element, Engrave was suddenly surging with new energy and the final songs for their first full length record “Stealing From Death a Few Desperate Moments of Life” simply poured out of them. With this record, Engrave prove their songwriting skills and present their best and most varied compositions to date, combining frantic spursts of noise and fucked up rythms with melodic and quiet elements.

Engrave has completed six short tours and played numerous shows throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, France, Luxemburg and Italy. They've played with bands such as Botch, Converge, Pale, As Friends Rust, Shai Hulud, Lack, Standstill, Milemarker, Caliban, Yage, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Envy, Shelter, Cave In, Grade, Jr Ewing, Boy Sets Fire and Song Of Zarathrustra.

The band is currently planning shows throughout Europe including a small tour in August with friends, Eaves and continuing to write new songs. The future is never certain, but we can be sure that this is far from the last chapter in the history of Engrave.

Selftitled 7” on Defiance Records ( 1998 )
“All the passion to keep you moving” Split 10”/CD with To Die For on Defiance Records ( 2000 )
Split 7” with Yage on Defiance Records ( 2000 )
Split 7” with Standstill on Defiance Records ( 2001 )
“Stealing from death a few desperate moments of life” LP/ CD on Defiance Records ( 2003 ).



All pictures taken by Oliver Klobes in Wermelskirchen 2003.