Jude The Obscure

Jude The Obscure is:
james long - vocals
chuck leach - guitar
jordan passfield - guitar
grant freifeld - bass
andy mackay - drums



What type of music comes out of the small community of Grimsby Ontario Canada?
"JTO are one big, screaming, brutal massacre of metal. Dissonant guitars and early Converge / Cave In metal fills, riff changes every few seconds, and just an overall hard hitting punch to the face. If you like the new breed of chaoticore like Every Time I Die, then look into JTO."
Jude the Obscure has been destroying the eardrums of kids all over southern Ontario with their own brand of blistering tech metal for close to 3 years now. The band started with a few key members, mainly Chuck "the Bank" Leach and Jay "Jaundice" Rice. James "Jimbo" Long and Grant "Fuzz" Freifeld were quickly added to the team of eager musicians. The final addition came in the form of a mortician’s son, Jordan "Ive seen dead bodies before" Passfield.
The band quickly released a DIY 3 song ep called "a new life of painful sin" which is no longer available and there are good reasons for that… don't worry you arent missing much, but hey. . . noone does it right the first time! Jude was picked up in early 2000 by the now extinct Quebec record label, Punks Without Mohawks (PWM). Out of their deal with PWM came a split cd with the also extinct Burial Faith. The "perfect place" split was a success for Jude and it helped them gain enough public support to get shows with such great hardcore/metal acts as Poison the Well, Hatebreed, Hopesfall, Season of Fire, 7Angels7Plagues, Every Time I Die, 100 Demons, Between the Buried and Me, Ashera, Kid Gorgeous, the End, and many many more.
With their newly recorded full length record, Jude is ready to conquer the USA and Europe with the help of the fine folks at ONE DAY SAVIOR in the US, with whom they have recently signed and DEFIANCE RECORDS releasing the upcoming album in Europe. This much anticipated release will be the band's first full length record, boasting 11 explosive tracks which not only pack the expected metal punch, but allow the listener to delve into JTO's obvious curiousity to explore other genres and experiment with odd stylistic combinations.