joon-sung lim: guitar
jörg klostermann: guitar
thomas schneider: drums
holger arndt: bass
marc isenbügel: vocals


marc isenbügel
bruchstr. 8
45468 mülheim/ruhr
fon: +49 [0]208-3770242

Thank you, good night.

After 4 years,2 tours,many shows,6 releases and many line up changes we decided to break up. There are several reasons for us why we couldn`t go on anymore. The most important was that we felt like we couldn`t be creative anymore. Believe us its never easy to make such a decision,but we`ve been thinking about this for awhile. We all loved what we were doing but we had to stop here. We deeply wanna thank Hoffi and Roland at Defiance records, all our friends in bands like Pale, Soulmate, Omahd, Bobby Peru, Leiah, Sometree, Yage and lots more i surely forgot to mention here. We met so many nice people during the way,thanks for being there and making this time so much fun. Our journey as Reno kid ends here. Our website will be offline sometime in summer,please feel free to email us if you have any questions. Over the years Renokid were in no particular order: Holger Kochs, Joon-sung Lim, Marc Buchmüller, Thomas Schneider, Holger Arndt, Marc Isenbügel, Jürgen Klostermann, Andreas Freude, Johann Jäckel. Love, Renokid.


Reno Kid were formed in 1998 und consist of the following people: Joon sung Lim, Jürgen Klostermann, Holger Arndt, Marc Isenbügel and Thomas Schneider.
Reno Kids first release "Hearts pounding everywhere" on Soda Records in 1998 was a split-release with a German band called Soulmate. After their second split-release with Louisville´s Drifts Get Deeper (Kentucky,USA) on Duncan "Endpoint" Barlows label Nerdrock and German label Soda Records two of the founding members leave Reno Kid and Joon-sung Lim and Jürgen Klostermann join the band. Reno kid then record "I dared kissing breath" for the "A cowboys plane game" compilation (EWS/nova reocrdings) which is exclusively featured on this comp. After a few shows and a short tour with the Swedish band Leiah Reno Kid do a coverversion of the famous Tom jones hit "It´s not unusual" which can also exclusively be found on a compilation featuring Milemarker and other fine bands called "Achtung Autobahn" on Swing deluxe records.

In November 2000 Reno Kid enter the studio with the help of Treadmil´s drummer Martin Rohlfing to produce their first album to be released on Defiance records. In January 2001 Reno Kid will also support Revelations Elliott on some dates on their european tour.