Three Minute Poetry

thorsten illhardt: bass
rene möllmer: guitar, vocals
benedikt schnermann: drums
michael walmsley: vocals, guitar


michael walmsley


...back in the summer of 98... somehow it all started like this. rene & michael, who've known each other over the years inside their local scene took their acoustic guitars to a park to jam. they came upo with the idea of starting a band with 2 guitarists only in order to play acoustic shows in bars and cafes.
but this idea didn't last that long for they felt the urgent need to ROCK!
after a few line-up changes they found a fitting rhythm-section with thorsten and benedikt. by playing a lot of shows and by releasing a 5-song demo-cd, TMP quickly were in everybodies mouths for being a rocking act. this resulted in offers to play all over germany.
the newly designed webpage was a huge succes also. being online since june 1st 2000 counted over 4000 visitors!
using contacts and the help of befriended bands TMP played shows with jimmy eat world, at the drive-in, donots, uncle ho, hey day and almost every local band around! during the sold out show with jimmy eat world in bochum, cologne's hottest indie-label DEFIANCE RECORDS signed TMP to record a full-lenght album.
first of all the release of "slowly learning that love is okay" is within reach. it will hit the stores at the end of may! apart from that TMP wants to rock as much as possible.