Kevin Devine - "travelling the EU" MCD/7"
(24. Feb 2003)


1.) Haircut

I saw your haircut in a storefront:
The choppy sides and perfect bangs.
I loved the way it framed the model's cheekbones,
The blank expression on her face.

So I went inside and tried to buy it,
But I got told it's not for sale.
I got embarrassed and I decked the sales clerk.
I stole the wig and ran like hell.

And I figured I would come and show you,
So I kept running towards your house;
Then I remembered I don't have your address
(At least not the one you live at now).

So I headed home to get collected,
To let the red flush from my face.
I took out my notebook and I sketched you smiling.
I like to think of you that way.

Then I put your haircut in my closet
Next to your t-shirts and your cards.
I turned the lights out and I sunk in, slowly,
Counting sheep and breathing hard.

But when it comes it's way too quickly,
And it busts apart the faith I've grown:
See, I can't stop myself from hurting you,
So I guess I won't.

Kevin played everything. Recorded and mixed by Chris Bracco, produced by
Chris with help from Kevin and Mike Robertson.

2.) You Are My Sunshine (traditional)

Kevin sang and played the guitars and the bass. Mike Skinner played the
drums and shook the shaker. Recorded and mixed by Chris, produced by Chris
with help from Kevin and Skinner.

3.) Probably

You probably don't wear your glasses,
But you probably need them to read.
You probably value your downtime,
And you probably don't get much sleep.

And you probably don't like the movies,
But you probably go anyway.
And you probably fight with your parents alot
When you feel like there's nothing to say.

And you probably don't care for punk rock,
But you probably own 'Nevermind.'
And you probably don't talk to strangers,
But you wish they'd talk to you all the time.

So I should probably say something to you,
But I'd probably ruin it then.
It's best for us both if I keep my mouth shut
And stay on my side of the train.

Kevin played the guitar and sang and played the tambourine and shook the
shaker. Amy Ubelhor played the organ-setting on her keyboard. Recorded and
mixed by Chris, produced by Chris with help from Kevin and Amy.

These songs were recorded over two days in June and December 2002 at 80-20
Studios in Woodside, Queens, New York.