Solea - even stranger MCD/MLP

Defiance Records XLVI (10.03.2003)


the shuffle
i took a look around and i noticed that a year had gone by
dont ask me where it went
she never said goodbye
no time to make amends
oh well i guess ill take it all in stride
it wont be long until i come home
too soon to count you out completly
this life is running circles around me
when all i want to do is see you smile
ive got time for one more round
i know it's not that much
then you can see me to the door
i took a drive alone to see the sun set one more time
is this as good as it gets?
sit back and hold on tight
no time to make amend oh well i guess ill take it all in stride
it wont be long until i come home
you gotta get it all outta my way

even stranger
someday you'll find
a space beyond what you preceive
what comes to mind
breaking waves underneath stars that blind
youve surly seen the light
i cant believe you made it this far
you made it all this way
turn this around
even stranger days have come and gone your not the only one
cant comprehend
the golden lies i used to sing
will not pretend
to walk the line between love and hate
i will not seperate

frankie machine
keep up with me if you want to stay
it makes no difference any other way
dont you wonder why
taking everything that was found
believeing that you wont make a sound
you might just get away
keep pushing on keep pushing on
another stone
this time i guess im on my own
wish you could see
please understand that our days were numberd
pust it on keep pushing on
all along this time i guess im on my own
yeah you should know
were already there
the life ive known says i should run away
give me three reasons i should stay
you just walk on by
wouldnt miss this chance it could only be
were too far gone theyre catching up to me
it's a lonely fight
i can count them all on one hand
the days went on for miles
holding on so tight holdon for my life
stretch out far and wide

mercy was here
california called us home and we came running
its good to be back in the sun
you could wait all day for the wind and the rain
just to quietly pass us by
keep your head up girl
keep on believing
were very close but were still far
so ill wait my turn im next in line
its only for now
tomorrow slowly gaining
just in time for everyone to see how long it would be
until i come back
if empty pockets sends me home and i come running
would the blame go on for days
underneath the weight and the size of a smile
they could easily pass us by
california called me home and i came running
it's good to be back in the sun
your always welcome in the sun

leaving today
made up my mind the count down starts today
bide my time until i can find my way
youve gotta settle right down dont make a sound
i wont ever be this cold again
because im leaving today
just a couple more things that i think you should know
its a screaming lie hold on hey we should roll
yopve got at least one chance to make your stance
i wont ever be this cold again
give it some time dont stay too long just to look away
and you can shake the fears that hold you still
give it some time dont stay too long just to look away
and you embrace the years that hold you still
you count every minute and every hour of the day
thats not what i would say

try to believe
youve heard everyones side
now come on and hear mine
floating from town to town
it always seems too fast
unraveling once again
you can speak but dont make a sound
and you can bet that it will catch up to you in the end
and ill try to believe in what your saying
if you can tell me why this happend for no reason
ive seen better but ive felt worse
you seem to understand
too young to oblige my thirst
we can run but you know we cant hide
these hills wont block the light
theres such an aching inside