Wedekind - The End Of My Heartbeat MCD/MLP

Defiance Records XLVIII (02.06.2003)

music & lyrics. all songs written by rainer maria prokop except track 01, 02, 12 and 13 by rainer maria prokop and eduard lehrner. all lyrics written by rainer maria prokop except lyrics for track 04 by helmut hutterer and rainer maria prokop, track 11 by thomas kreiml and rainer maria prokop and track 08, 10 and 13 by eduard lehrner.

technicality. recorded, mixed and produced by thomas “the beautiful kantine” pronai and wedekind. recorded in may, june, july and august 2002 @ cselley muehle oslip. mastered @ the gold chamber by horst pfaffelmayer and gerhard pichler.

Cosmological Impotence.

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