Miracle of 86 - Every Famous Last Word CD/LP


Thank You:

You ask for trouble if you write a real 'thank you' list because you will always leave people out. For example, Carey Brandenburg sang on our first record and Kevin forgot to thank her. So thank you, Carey. On that note, we'd cautiously like to thank some people by name: Diamond Dog and Will, Skip and Lakeshore, Scro/Kev from Tubby, Chris Cassidy, John Mathiason, Steven J. Nearenberg, Jack Eisenberg (R.I.P.) and the Eisenberg/Martin family, Helena, Catfish, God for Robertson's gifts, Adrian Rosenfeld, Amy Ubehlor, Paul Mariconda for the glockenspiel, Brian Eiting and J. Esq., Dan Skinner, Sean & Pat at Immigrant Sun, Walter, Benjie Gordon, Dave Sandford, Buda, Craig at Some Records, Becky Scott, Kevin Kolankowski, Andy Veety, Anthony Ferrucci, Samantha Cox, Jimmy & Bumblebear, Megan Blackburn, Kenan, Claudia Brown, Piera G, Spencer Product, Mike Dubin and Fadeaway, M&D, Bunny, Buffy, Mike & Eric at Brownies, Matt and KingsMob, Sly Fox, John Moore, The Marina Grand for giving Chris off all the time, Dennis Vignola, Marie V at McGathy, all the clubs that let us play and all the great bands we've played with or play in or are lucky to count as friends (but not the shitty ones). Thanks most of all to all of our friends and the Devine, McAllen, Robertson, and Skinner families for everything they have done and continue to do. And thanks for listening.