The Copperpot Journals - Pilots CD


Atlas & I

Let the elements begin to breathe a life back into the remains of this once
sinking ship that we could never learn to sail. I've stolen all the plans.
You'll be committed within days and with the radars packing in you can bet
we're never saved.
With your hand around my neck the contact can bring a smile and the
asphyxiation promises to last a while. Alone, unheard, we'll just sit there
watching the atlas kill the romance, watching the atlas...
....kill the romance. I never want to be restricted by the air or trapped
between the seas.
And it still might possible to write a message in the sand. Despite advances
in communication it is now apparent that we can always leave our mark, no
matter how small. We're watching the atlas kill the romance, watching the


I'm drifting without you. I'm pre-empting decay. What we thought we knew,
could not exist today. My ghost has now become haunted by the days that give
us too much time to think, regret, erase.
I hope that you know that I'd bleed enough for them. The pilots below our
consciousness intend to submit a reason as to why I'd hurt anyone. The
irrational settles down. Now I remember...
This cancer's not been moved, though the progress has been stopped. Despite
the ground we made, the evidence remains lost. We can watch the panic grow
and force ourselves to scare past believing that from our lungs you've
stolen all the air.

Start The Ice Age

Stay close to the ground. This inhalation will leave you part paralysed or
at least make you sit still. Don't try to come up for air because this
ocean's carbon black. Our days ask for forgiveness, but we're turning our
If you start the fire and burn the air, it'll never truly disappear. The aim
is a fallacy and history will repeat itself eventually. You blew smoke into
our eyes and then you claimed you never really understood where it all came
from and that it was probably there all along.
Your smile's looking different. Your teeth have been replaced with iron
pyrite, count them all in. And when the power cuts begin, this shine won't
last that long. If you deny evolution then you better move on.
Glaciers drift unstoppable. I'm afraid of what I can't see. Your glacier
drifts unstoppable. I'm afraid of what I can't see.

The Future Is a Dare

I'd imagine in a plane crash the most cynical of non-believers pray. So tell
me about all your victories and I will try and stay awake.
Panic changed the locks and it fused your movement and made it safe again.
But it'll give no room to grow. These aren't good intentions. You must know
you're losing touch.
You are the oxygen to an unattended backward thinking flame. And if we all
hide together hopefully then everyone will do the same.
We're thinking of you.
Precious. Human error, allow for mistakes. Sever all the ties you know.

Look Alive

You can tell the translator lost. The relics returned so we remember the
loss and then the travel over-ran. The effort was never made "we assume
understand anyway". Anywhere is abroad and I'll always be a tourist.
Comfort is easy arrogance is tired. Between the start and end of nautical
miles you now embarrass us. When you speak do you understand? There's no
longer space in the palm of our hands. I'll never mind this but to you
there'll be no compromise.
You divorce yourself from understanding. Listen and repeat. I'm teaching
myself to honour this, though you still refer to days when the sun never
Look alive and learn to adapt. "To visit" means nothing if you turn back. A
dead end won't exist if you know where we're going now. The change in the
climate, the difference in sound. Holding my hand to document our time will
be our barrier.


Oceans talk. Winds are still. Holding exactly what we know then the world
should seem much more than this. Harbour safe, salt a strength, carrying
everything. We float lifeless. Our hearts guide us. You are frozen.
Lighthouse broken. Could we start this all again?


My heart's like an invite, my soul like a grave. This crown's feeling tight.
Because it's polite for me to stay, I know you will...
....keep me here longer stretch the conversation out, I'm now immune to
boredom though I shouldn't be allowed, I know you will... me from this. Belief is one thing. But you can't deny that this
could be happening to us. We never will...
We will never be honest enough, to the point objection hurts too much (I'm
relying on you). Though I act as if it's easy now, I know detachment cannot
allow the passing of what we might become. I hope my sentiment is wrong.
This existence is the insult and the end the new now. If you considered
death progression you'd be leagues ahead by now, I know you will...
....act like a vessel and help purify this blood that became poisoned whilst
it kept you alive, I know you will...

Glass & Chrome

We can see through one and the other reflects the point that there are those
The axis is unstable, though I'm able to keep my balance when all around
....are too scared to breathe a word. The seams are torn to the point that
your clothes are now un-wearable.

Black Snow

Black snow fell on us today. A blanket we would keep forever more. I told
you it should melt away and find a logical path to the shore.
The day became the month became the year.
Black snow fell on us today. A blanket we could keep forever more. I told
you it would melt away. I should never be the one to reassure.


That'll be me on the tower. I am scared of heights but it's a position that
I'm willing to put myself in. You deserve more than my reservation gives.
I'm holding the sight between your eyes so you won't see.
How we met is irrelevant. I don't think you'll remember, because you'll
never be told.
Your perfection is what I hold in high esteem. The only way it will mean
anything is if it completely belongs to me. This is terminal, but in a way
that I'll protect. Hospital imagery, when medical connects.
I'll hold you down underwater and let you wash in with the tide. The stars
will shine much brighter. Forever you will be mine.
That'll be me on the tower. I am god's instrument. You're now my ornament.

We Are A Black Box Recorders

We'll never have a Mexico or an East or West Coast reference. Turn this
around, your navigation is a continent off.
This is all we ever wanted from you. It's easy to say 'We Are A Black Box
Our loyalty is being questioned, yet we still remain to search. This shows
how much you know. We'll keep you in reserve. Now, just don't bother us.