Jude The Obscure - The Coldest Winter CD


01-eyes bat lash interrupting a signal that was meant for pleasure the transfer has been avoided, sincerity will be confused with an overwhelming act of abuse, sincerity is what they prey upon, with the fluttering lashes that claim home on sight, with wet lashes and red lids, lethal gazing, what did I do to deserve this - I will fall with what my love cant bring, I wish I could touch her sweet eyes, an indication of personal taste that was meant to lure ones opponent into their hands has been avoided by a simple make of plastic, the sunglasses cover your featured asset which allows me not to be persuaded by your false intentions, but the framing that shades the eyes are removed, and what first held as a barrier has now taken me in, I cannot resist, her eyes are like windows for me to see inside, this is where I want to be, and I learn that possibilities are endless, and that these intentions are as real as how beautiful something can be when not hidden how access of light can illuminate something so spectacular, remove all plastic security, no plastic security.

02-rekindle I don’t want to be here, could you lay me in a position where I will be at one with myself, with the sweet red, with the sweet red you spilt will you paint my portrait in the snow, attempts are made to start a fire, but its impossible to start a fire with ice, your tears are so warm, I cannot feel them, it’s so cold in here, so try hard to melt this mass of frost inside of me, get rid of my frozen stare, you opened yourself to search for some warmth inside, but you didn’t follow through

03-stab one word you felt for me, I was afraid, that made me hurt you more, overcoming a pain that dug itself so deep, your guardian angel pounds on your head and says, what the hell is wrong with you, after so many warnings you call for departure, you lay so hollow and frail, your head it hangs so low, my veins are running dry, I will burn forever without you, you will rise above, I brought this devastation on my own, now you rest your head so far from mine, this is a new distance I am unfamiliar with, this devastation came on, these actions were brought to this place by me, the pain that I have put her through, forgiveness is something we don’t speak of, I scarred you for life, you bid me farewell, this separation stabs me, stab after stab after stab after stab... I will never forgive myself, my words will never amount to how I feel.

04-air of a new age now that you know what you’ve done, the kisses I blew to you seem forgotten, a fait that felt so painful it felt so damn good, two torn hearts mended be a single thread yet we stay apart, with kisses blowing in the wind you continue to stay inside, what am I, what am I suppose to do. What the hell am I suppose to do, and yet we stay apart, what am I suppose do, you continue to stay inside, what the hell am I suppose to do, the sky is left open, there is so much more then this, I will escape, and stand in the air of a new age

05-onto black and white smear a once life onto black and white, inflict a wound and wonder, how an infectious satisfaction can come by the separation of what was attached in flesh, deep enough I will fall pale, carry on dear, you know what I like, carry on dear, I want true color of love, that is what I will share, let me give you my all today, let me suck passion from your lips, so much love was given, I fell in it, you may always return, and when I’m absent fondle your flower and think of me, fantasize my enjoyed company, and if fatigue shall come to play and drain my life supply of all its fluids, in my time of weakness allow me to reach for you hand, I will find strength.

06-fingernails and lampshades it wasn’t long before she fell through the gaps of it all, why, you lie and try until you believe yourself, why, you will never come close to raise your fist to make a toast, the shade of lipstick on your glass is pretty, the scent of wine has stained you, (I want my blood in your hair as I weaken, I beg for more, break a nail, and wither to nothing), never again will your breath feel so warm, will your heart beat so loud, your hope wont last, you can't see the pain you’ve caused, I know what it feels like, its been so long, my veins are draining, oh man why do I love this, dig your fingernails in me so I can bleed forever, take hold of something you never had and hurt me just a little bit I want more so I can bleed, ( want you to paint me, paint me with your blood and hang your head in shame, I beg for more) runaway, runaway, twelve years of terror, some feelings are better left unknown, is this a sensation we enjoy, I want more so I can bleed forever, it matches the shade of your lipstick, it’s pretty.

07-wake up my love wake up my love, she sleeps so peacefully... undisturbed, I still stutter and fumble forward, doing everything I can to leave you be, tripping over words, and falling head over heels, what saves us to dream a little longer, wake up my love, no you better stay asleep, I just don’t know what to do any more, falling forward I want pupils to dilate from rays of sun divided momentarily by what saves us to dream a little bit longer, turn to peace and let this brightness illuminate such limbs that fragrant and aura like no other, it saves us all to dream a little bit longer, please don’t ever stumble, please don’t ever break for me, I want pupils to dilate, save us all to dream a little longer.

08-seven steps remix

09-seven steps before the stone a point worth saving life, what is used for, and what is it used for, your thoughts make us leave, you lay me down so I can see that everything disappears, how can you tell in a pitch black sky if the world is still alive, the moon will glow if the sun still shines, the moon will glow, will the sun shine on me, he lays so scared and waits for that fall, an act before a catch that brings us light maybe forever, will the sun shine on me, he lays so scared and awaits the seventh step before the tail of his parade, no appreciation for others, (his chair remains bare as he stands with one hand up to catch the end)

10-save me worthy of an endless happiness the situation retaliates and makes an unwanted vow, something that was never expected, assuming we could move on and smell the roses, the same roses I am forced to smell remind me when times were pleasant, I thought it was over with, they are always hungry, they will always hurt me, the insecurities I once had came back to haunt me again... the butterflies continue to eat away at my stomach, they are always hungry, they will hurt me.

11-golem anomoly