Kevin Devine - Make The Clocks Move CD


The Players:

Kevin Devine – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboard on tracks 7 and 12, piano on tracks 5 and 12, glockenspiel on track 14
Mike Skinner – drums and percussion, keyboard on track 10, piano on track 5, sleigh bell sample on track 13
Amy Bracco – piano on track 9, keyboard on tracks 2, 4, and 5
Carey Brandenburg – vocals on track 6 and 7
Mike Robertson – slide guitar on track 9
Clap Chorus on track 1: Kevin Devine, Mike Skinner, Marygrace Boswell, Chris Bracco, Mike Dubin, Michael Iadarola, Anthony Lobosco, Will Quinnel, Lindsay Sullivan, Toni Suppa, Andy Veety, Amy Bracco, Carey Brandenburg, Mike Robertson

Recorded at 80-20 Studios, Queens, New York, June 2003
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Chris Bracco, Mike Skinner, and Kevin Devine
Mastered by Will Quinnel at Sterling Sound, NYC
Portraits by Michael Storey Martin c/o Peligro Gallery New Orleans, LA
Photography, Video, layout and Design by Michael Dubin (
Back Tray Photo by Oliver Klobes
All songs written by Kevin and registered with Wolf’s Mouth Music/BMI
Copyright 2003 for more info visit
A&R: Michael Dubin
Management: John Mathiason
Legal: Steven J. Nearenberg

Thanks to everyone who worked on the record, Fred for putting it out, Dubin for getting me on Fred’s radar, all my friends and family for their incredible support, and Marygrace for all the other good stuff. Thank you too.

This record is dedicated to the memory of my incredible father Edward and to the continued vibrancy and strength of my beautiful mother Mary Patricia, who've been more supportive of me and what I care about than I could ever tell any of you. I love you Mom. Bless you and send you home safe, Dad.


01. Ballgame
02. Wolf’s Mouth
03. Noose Dressed Like A
04. Not Over You Yet
05. A Flatline Blur
06. Whistling Dixie
07. People Are So Fickle
08. Marie
09. Country Sky Glow
10. Longer That I’m Out Here
11. Tapdance
12. You’re My Incentive
13. Splitting Up Christmas
14. Thanks

People Are So Fickle



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