Standstill - s/t CD/LP

Defiance Records LXI

May 24, 2004.

1) Feliz en tu día
2) La vieja gibellina
3) G.M.
4) Por todas las cosas
5) Si me levanto
6) Poema nº3
7) Cuando
8) Gafas de buzo
9) Un gran final
10) 88:88

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Sant Feliu de Guíxols by Santi García during January 2004.
Produced by Santi García and Standstill.

Standstill are
Elías, Enric, Piti, Ricky and Ruben.
Lyrics by Enric.
Marc Clos plays vibraphone and percusions.
Rocco sings on Cuando and Guillermo Martorell plays piano notes on Gafas de buzo.

Thanks again
to Jordi, BCore and Defiance for their trust and to Ramón Cydonio, Elm, Pau, Didac and "musclu" for their help.
A big hug to Carlotto and Damià and kisses to Gonçal, Juneu, Víctor and David for everything, and of course to our families and friends for giving a sense to this.


In Memoriam
Fusquimóvil (1997-2004)

Por Todas Las Codas

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