PORTUGAL. THE MAN - Censored Colors CD/LP



1. Lay Me Back Down
2. Colors
3. And I
4. Salt
5. Created
6. Out and In and In and Out
7. Intermission
8. New Orleans
9. Never Pleased
10. Sit Back and Dream
11. Hard Times
12. Our Times
13. All Mine
14. 1989
15. Our Way

The Approaching AIRballoons are:

John Baldwin Gourley – Vocals, Guitar, Organs, and Machines
Zachary Scott Carothers – Bass, Percussion, and Vocals
Jason Sechrist – Drums and Gang
Ryan Neighbors – Piano,Rhodes,Organ,Synth, and Vocals


87lyrics.doc (English)

Heres, Theres, and Everywheres

Aaron Perrino - vocals/moog
Anthony Saffery - sitar
Chet & Flora Peterson - shouts!!!
Kirk Huffman – vocals, guitar, percussion
Kyle Oquin - Lil' keys
Mark Marino – guitar solo
Matt Clifford - Slide
Phil Peterson – vocals, trumpet, trombone, harp, synth, percussion, accordion, Harmonica, and cello
Robert Parker – trumpet
Ryan Sollee - vocals
Thomas Hunter – slide guitar
Victoria Parker - violin
Zoe Manville - vocals

Recording and Production by: Phil Peterson and Kirk Huffman at The House of Breaking Glass
Producer: Approaching AIRballoons
Mixing and Additional Production: Paul Q. Kolderie & Adam Taylor at Camp Street Studios, Cambridge, MA
Assistant Engineer: Alex Hartman
Mastered by: Ian Kennedy at New Alliance East, Cambridge, MA

Zoe Manville was recorded in Dublin, Ireland@ Clique Recordings by Josh Boland

All Songs by: John Baldwin Gourley
Published by: Approaching AIRballoons/ASCAP

Management | Rich Holtzman
Tour Management | Ian Shaw
Booking | Dave Shapiro, The Agency Group
Legal | Dave Stein




Press Info:

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